Secure Engineering.
By Design.

Save time and money and secure your critical functions from adversaries.

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Discover how we are disrupting the security landscape
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Security that adapts to changing threats

We are passionate about security by design and help our customers design, implement and operate securely.

Innovative security

We refuse to accept the status quo and believe that focusing on solving root causes of security failure sets the stage for safer, more resilient infrastructure


We drive the state of the art

Our team is deeply embedded with INL, MITRE, ISA, OWASP and lead efforts to pave the way for Secure by Design


Customer Centricity

We place our clients at the center of everything we do, because we have been in your shoes. The customer experience drives our every decision.


Cyber Informed Engineering

We focus on what matters, not just cyber assets. Our approach ensures that the consequences that are unacceptable are mitigated and prepared for.


Trusted by Critical Infrastructure and Security