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Consequences Drive Action

Identify and prioritize consequences that threaten your critical functions and illuminate the dependencies that will bring your organization to a halt.

Map Your Dependencies

Connect the dots between your critical functions and the dependencies that support them and gain an understanding of the targets your adversaries will target.

Red Team Assessment

Armed with rich targeting information, evaluate the weak points in your infrastructure to understand where you need to focus investment in protection.

Infrastructure Hardening

Leverage security protections to mitigate the most harmful events across a rich set of categories to ensure holistic coverage - not just cybersecurity.

Impact Platform Features

Secure Design platform combines continuous assurance of your OT security posture and configurations with secure engineering requirements for the system to achieve “Security by Design”

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Security Intelligence at Your Fingertips

With an Interface designed for non-security users, we bring cyber security intelligence to IT and OT engineers using language they understand.

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Critical Function Assurance

We leverage system profiles and critical function understanding to illuminate the dependencies that matter. Focusing on the consequences that can disrupt your core mission.

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Product Security Overlay

Providing product security native hardening guidance, to keep engineering simple, reducing complexity and improving security.

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AI Suggested Controls

Opswright’s deep experience in artificial intelligence provides suggestions to engineered controls, but does not lock you in. We learn together what works from best practices from your peers.