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Product Security Testing to achieve Security and safety objectives

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Product Security Testing

Product Security Testing service rigorously evaluates and enhances your product's cyber resilience, ensuring compliance with IEC 62443 standards and Secure by Design principles.


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Product Security Testing

Services Scope

Our Product Security Testing service is a comprehensive evaluation designed to ensure your products meet the rigorous standards of IEC 62443 controls and adhere to Secure by Design principles. Through a series of in-depth tests and analyses, our team of experts will assess your product's resilience against cyber threats, focusing on its ability to protect against unauthorized access and ensure data integrity. We emphasize identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities from the earliest design stages, ensuring that security is an integral part of your product's lifecycle. Our service not only helps in achieving compliance with international standards but also instills confidence in your customers, demonstrating your commitment to delivering secure and reliable products.

  • Initial Assessment: Conduct a thorough review of your product’s design and architecture to ensure alignment with Secure by Design principles.
  • IEC 62443 Conformance Testing: Perform specialized testing to verify that your product meets the specific security controls and requirements outlined in the IEC 62443 standard.
  • Vulnerability Analysis: Identify potential security vulnerabilities through rigorous testing, including penetration testing and code analysis.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Develop and implement strategies to mitigate identified vulnerabilities, enhancing the overall security posture of the product.
  • Final Reporting and Certification: Provide a detailed report of the findings and recommendations, along with assistance in achieving certification for compliance with IEC 62443 standards.
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